YiPlastics hollow polycarbonate awning is a piece of cover spreading from the home to shade the area underneath a window or a door. The YI PLASTIC polycarbonate awning is accumulated from specially engineered plastic. It is sprayed with Aluminum brackets and a polycarbonate panel, which gives a strong and rigid structure to it. The Aluminum profile connects with a stainless steel expansion bolt

They are used on doors, windows, outdoor air-conditioners, ATMs, outdoor mailboxes, etc as a shelter for sun and rain. They have some very astonishing features. They are

  • Wind resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti UV radiation

Additional information

Yiplastic polycarbonate Sheets Features


Factors affecting durability.
UV protective layer production process, co-extrusion/coating?
Material, thickness and uniformity of UV protective layer
The degree of matching between panel production equipment and PC raw materials
UV protective layer

Ten-year anti-aging quality guarantee with limited optical index
Guarantee based on the integrity of the company
Guaranteed by the technical strength of the enterprise
It is a guarantee of perception quality, not service life

UV coextrusion layer urder a special microscope →

Aging experiment

Artificial accelerated aging experiments confirm the results.
Conclusion: The co-extruded UV protective layer has the strongest protective effect on the board
Artificial weathering (Xe-WOM procedure),
700 hrs = 1 year of Europe outdoor weathering

Light Transmission

Light transmittance comparable to glass
Control light transmittance as needed
Soft and even light transmission – diffuse
Effectively limits solar heat penetration
Protects skin, cornea, and organic materials from fading
Unbreakable, used for roof and side lighting in buildings, replacing safety glass

Light transmission applications
UV-blocking layer for heritage protection


Thermal stability performance

Natural environmental temperature effects.
Unlike ordinary plastics, polycarbonate sheets in the temperature range of -40 ℃ to 120 ℃ can still maintain various physical
performance in the temperature range of -40℃ to 120℃ without being affected by the natural environment temperature.

Impact resistance

Safety, eliminating accident hazards
Reduced installation and transport losses
Reduced maintenance costs
Multi-layer panels can withstand severe natural disasters
Single-layer panels can be used for ballistic protection


Product advantages

Window Canopy


√ Aesthetics: tree structure, hollow design, simple and smooth appearance, beautiful and generous, overturning the traditional canopy impression.

√ Practicality: door awning is used to protect windows, doors, corridors, aisles, air conditioners and other spaces and equipment from the rain and sun, making it very versatile.

√ Safety: Made of lightweight materials, it will not cause serious damage to people and objects even if it falls from a height due to irresistible factors.

√ Convenience: easy to install, no welding required, easy to dismantle and replace, save time and effort.


√ Environmentally friendly: Made from brand new raw materials, all components are recyclable.

√ UV Resistance & Heat Dissipation:Features UV-resistant layer for effectively protecting from harmful UV rays, hollow design for dissipating heat & lowering temperature in hot summer, saving your electric cost on cooling down.

√ Advanced solid construction:new generation design, front and rear brackets and aluminium parts are locked with stainless steel self-tapping screws to prevent the components from falling from height.

Polycarbonate Solid Canopy

Product Specification

Application scenarios

On the window
Door Canopy
On the door

Why choose yiplastic ?

Excellent Quality management

Global friendly

high-quality raw materials

Imported equipment lines

Significant manufacturing experience

Fast Order Delivery

Europen Stardard Product

Widely Application


There are two types of polycarbonate awnings, hollow and solid.

Yes, we are offering a free sample.

Yes, it has a UV protective coating.

Yes, it is fire resistant.

They are

  • Wind resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti UV radiation

No, they have a very modern and colorful appearance.

It is built from lightweight constituents. It is very easy to install. All the components are environment-friendly and recyclable.

Polycarbonate awning is a piece of cover spreading from the home to shade the area underneath a window or a door.

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