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The Perfect plastics for machining are actually polycarbonate sheets. They are frequently used for many purposes. They have a great value in both industrial and non-industrial works. Polycarbonate machining is a process to make complex designs for a model or difficult shapes to analyze and work on them easily and quickly. Machining is used to make various parts of a product.



 The brief steps of the machining process of polycarbonates are described below:

  1. Strengthening or annealing:

The process of strengthening or annealing the polycarbonate is a very crucial step to making them into the tough and strong material they are. They are approximately 200 times stronger than ordinary glass. It helps them to not break down under severe heat, weather, weight or light conditions. It helps to make an accurate and high-quality machined material. Heaving annealing ovens are used to toughen the polycarbonates ad other polymers. The computer-operated annealing ovens are now used to get the best quality polycarbonate.

  1. Machining or operating:

The rods and plates of polycarbonates have brilliant stability and are easily machined. Non-aromatic and polar coolants are ideal to use. They give excellent surface finishes and strength output. They mainly consist of spray mists and compressed air. They also take part in the long life of polycarbonates.

  1. Contamination control:

Contamination is a legit issue for the machining process. It can destroy the materials for space and medical industries. Contamination free process is needed even on a sub-molecular level. This is only accomplishable if the machining process of polycarbonates is heat-sterilized and isolated from the machining of plastics and metals. It reduces the risk of cross-contamination and increases the health of the resultant manufactured products.


Now let’s talk about why polycarbonates are the ideal material for the above-described machining process.

  • Reasons for polycarbonate being ideal for machining:

Polycarbonate plastic can be effortlessly shaped into any form. They are used as a glass substitute. They are pocket-friendly and do not require heavy machinery or extra labor to get the work done.

They are very strong. Strength plays a big part in making polycarbonates the perfect selection for machining plastic. Soft and bendable plastic is hard to machine. An unbending and sturdy material like polycarbonate guarantees the best machining outcome. They are approximately 200 times tougher than ordinary glass. They can resist tough machining and form the shape of any complicated model.

Polycarbonate plastics are a natural UV protector and also have the quality of high impact resistance. They are feasible means for plastic use.

Let’s discuss about the applications of polycarbonate materials in detail:

  • Applications of polycarbonate plastics:

Because of their unlimited features, they can be used in numerous procedures. Some of them are discussed below.

  1. Car Lighting Systems:

No-a-days, almost every new vehicles have plastic polycarbonate headlights. The properties of very good light conduction, light weighted-ness and strong structures make them capable of being trusted as car headlights light. It also gives the choice of customized designs and colors. They also are scratch-proof. The machining of polycarbonate lights is also getting more popular day by day because of the increasing demand for the involvement of polycarbonate sheets in the lights.



  1. Un-smashable Glass Parts:

The polycarbonate materials that are manufactured by using bisphenol are actually un-smashable and shatterproof. They are used in everyday applications of both industrialized and user products. This plastic is lighter but way stronger than the glass. It gives outstanding electric resistance and is practically unbreakable.


  1. Airplane Windows:

Polycarbonate plastics are machined to make the parts especially the windows of common airplanes. They are proven to be the best for aircraft but they are light-weighted and strong enough to survive in extreme conditions.


  1. Lenses:

They are used in safety goggles for labs and industries. And as always, the lightweight and great impact resistance is the main reason for that. The glass is shatter proof so there is no danger to the eyes in any kind of reaction. These lenses are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are customizable to your desired requirements. They are manufactured according to the requirement via machining and produced thinner and less weighted to make them easy it carry and use. These lenses also give UV protection, impact resistance and are scratch-free to make them long-lasting.


Heat Resistance:

Polycarbonate plastics are heat resistant. They are also firing retardants and can self-extinguish in case of fire. They are joined with fire retardant constituents without any major deprivation.

  1. Insulation:

Polycarbonate plastics are the perfect insulator. They do not conduct electricity and they have a brilliant thermal resistance. These features and fire resistance, make them an ideal pick for machining them for electrical purposes.

  1. Automobiles:

Many machined polycarbonate plastics are widely used in vehicle manufacturing too. They are the best choice for substituting the bent build windshield or ornamental parts of the automobile.

  • Benefits of polycarbonate machining:

Polycarbonate machining has many benefits. They have their advantages in almost every aspect of human life. Let’s take look at them one by one.

  1. Economic benefits:

Polycarbonate plastics do not need any additional modification or added effort after the process of machining, so this ultimately makes them very pocket friendly and economical. The molds do not cost extra and no heavy investment is needed to get started. The computer-designed programs take the designed drawing of the model and start working on it.

  1. Time-saving:

Polycarbonate machining saves a lot of time. The typical materials such as aluminum, glass and steel need a greater amount of time as compared to polycarbonate machining. The complex and critical structures are fairly quick and easy to make and no heavy machinery or hard labor is required.

  1. Precision:

The resulting product is very precise to the drawn model after the machining process of polycarbonates completes. They are scratch-free so the model will not have any scratches on it during or after the process. The dimensions and sizes would be very accurate to the designed structures and all the shapes and forms would be the perfect replica of the architectural drawing or design.

  1. Customization:

Machining polycarbonates has the main purpose of customization. They make everything on demand. Nothing is available ready-made, but with the machining systems, the customization is quick and easy. They provide so many choices and ease in customization. You can make very unique designs using the customization option.

That was all about the main applications and advantages of polycarbonate machining. They are indeed becoming the future of every industry. In some years, it is expected to take over almost every field of the world with its sleek and modern advanced technology. With so many options, designs, styles and colors available, it is very difficult to choose the best customer style for your polycarbonate machined product. We have a solution to your problem. Now you can do all the brainstorming work in the comfort of your home with our special assistance. If you want to take benefit of the countless advantages of a very good quality polycarbonate machining, book your appointment now at www.yiplastic.com. We have every kind of customization available with different colors, designs, patterns and styles. We also offer our special consultation. Take a look at our colors and design manual and choose what is best for you. You deserve, we serve!





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