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Because of the numerous benefits that Polycarbonate sheets are offering, they have replaced glass and acrylics in the industry. These sheets have a wide range of variety and are available in different qualities, colors, opaqueness and thicknesses. They are much lighter in weight when compared to glass and other materials and yet they are tough, durable and resistant to cracks and breakage. These are only a few of the reasons why polycarbonates are so popular today for constructional purposes among users.


  • Polycarbonate constructions:

Earlier Polycarbonate sheets were only used in commercials because of them being costly and were expensive to purchase. They can be only seen in fancy restaurants, offices or cafes and were known as a symbol of being rich. But with awareness and realization of the huge amount of benefits that Polycarbonate sheets offer, people started to use them often which in turn led to high demands for this material. And because of high demand, the cost is now lowered adding to its advantages. Nowadays, Polycarbonate sheets are so affordable that they are being used in a wide range from residential construction purposes to industrial construction purposes. Instead of using glass, mow polycarbonates are being used for making doors and windows. These sheets are also used for showers and swimming pool enclosures to enhance modern home decors. These sheets are used in many other areas and on residential projects like in balconies, patios, and decks. If you look in the commercial sector, you will find polycarbonate sheets being highly used in greenhouses, sports stadiums, railway stations, carports, and office buildings.

  • Advantages of polycarbonate sheets:

The reason for Polycarbonate sheets, being used worldwide for different purposes is the advantages that they offer. Following are some of the most important and unique benefits of Polycarbonate sheets.

  1. Easiness of building:

Polycarbonates are very easy to transport and install at any place because them being so lightweight yet very durable. This makes them very easy to install. Polycarbonates are very easy to handle and can be fixed with the help of screws and support rods i.e. they don’t need any special instruments to treat them. They can also be easily welded.

  1. Costs-effectiveness:

The Polycarbonate sheets are light-weighted. That’s why they are very easy to handle, transport, and carry. Because of this, the costs involved with the transportation and elaboration are highly compensated.

  1. Adaptability:

Polycarbonate, being lightweight yet so strong, durable and flexible, helps the structures in which sheet is used to be made more creatively and offers versatility. Unlike glass, the polycarbonate sheets can be shaped like domes, igloos and many other fancy shapes when making a structure or piece of furniture that adds design features.


  1. Resistance:

Polycarbonates are damage and impact resistant. Because of this, these sheets can be used in those areas that are prone to stone, hail, rain, wind, storm and snow. Even if in the worst case, the sheet unfortunately breaks, it won’t make pointy, harmful, toxic and dangerous shreds like that of glass. Being highly resistant to flame and fire, these sheets do not cause or emit toxic gases if went on fire which makes them usable in areas that can be prone to fire.

  1. Sound barrier:

These sheets can be used in libraries, private rooms or conference rooms i.e. any area where there is a need to block outside voices and sounds. This is because these sheets can also act as sound barriers if needed and block unnecessary sounds.


  1. Ultraviolet rays protection:

Protection from harmful UV rays and being sunlight resistant is one of the other beneficial features of Polycarbonate sheets. Therefore, it is the ideal choice when you want maximum light sunlight to come in without being harmful. Because of this property, they are most widely used in greenhouses this sheet helps the plants present within the greenhouse to grow well while keeping them protected against burning.

If you are still thinking that Why You Should Use Polycarbonate sheets for Roofing Material, then here’s the answer.

Normally, asphalt, record, earth, wood, and metal are used by people as their roofing material. Some people still use these materials even today because they are solid and dependable. They can be used in a wide range of environments and can withstand a wide range of weather. But here’s a thing. If you need a transparent and clear roof for your building that is durable and that also increases the beauty of your building, what will you use? If you choose metal rooftops then they are not a good choice as they become extremely blistering under the sun, which is the reason they are utilized uniquely over sheds and other such mechanical developments.

If we talk about wood roofs then they are not water-safe, which is the reason they must be utilized in applications like bungalows, and not businesses or homes. In today’s age, Individuals are currently searching for lighter alternatives to fabricate their rooftops. For this, we’ll let you know that you can utilize polycarbonate sheets for this purpose, why, because polycarbonate sheets are impervious to a wide range of components. They are not only impervious to water and temperature but also other numerous different materials like synthetic compounds, and fire. In this manner, polycarbonate can be introduced in any area with a different temperature range. They can be used in regions where there are substantial precipitation, regions that utilize synthetic compounds inside the construction, and regions that are inclined to fire. Numbers of regions can undoubtedly have polycarbonates introduced with no worries of them over being harmed or crumbling.

  • Polycarbonates are always safe:

Polycarbonates are profoundly always safe and sound. With a weight that is much lesser than that of glass and much more strength and durability, you can envision how solid this material is. No heavy rain, hailstorm or hailstone can damage polycarbonate material sheets.

  • Polycarbonates are lightweight and durable:

Polycarbonates are lightweight yet solid, flexible and durable. They can be moved and introduced easily. Likewise, it is so easy to install and implement polycarbonates that it can be done by only one person too. This decrease the work cost resulting in another advantage. Polycarbonate being so light in weight doesn’t mean in any way that they are fragile or unstable. They are effective for at least 15 to 20 years regardless of the structure they are used as.

Now, you know why polycarbonate sheets are the best material for the roofing system. Other than residential and industrial constructional purposes, there are many other areas where polycarbonate sheets are being used. They are also used in for police equipment like protective shields, the advertising industry, automobile parts, DVDs, lenses and many other applications. Whatever your area of usage, just get in touch with YiPlastics and get the best quality polycarbonate sheets which are available in a variety of qualities, types, colors, textures and designs.



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