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  • Anti-Static polycarbonates or plastics:

It is a method or a substance that reduces, prevents or disperses static charges from getting accumulated on any object such as papers, clothes, electronics etc.

As we all know that plastic is an excellent insulator, which means it can’t conduct electricity and if it does, the conduction is poor. As a result, the electrical charges get accumulated on the plastic’s surface, causing static charges to build up. This static charge is sometimes built-up when material runs together or slides or separates. Then it discharges when it comes into contact with an individual or a microcircuit.

Static plastic is generally utilized to limit electricity which is produced via friction and gets harmed from electrostatic release (ESD). These materials don’t create static electricity. That’s why it is ideal for storing electronic parts and components in environments where electrostatic release and fire risk are a concern.


  • All you Should Know About Anti-static Plastic Sheet:

Although Static electricity is a normal occurrence. But if it is not handled properly, it can result in major losses and can create dangerous situations. As a result, ESD security is needed to make sure that the Static control is of the highest level. This is done for your own good. This higher level of security and protection also helps in reducing many harmful effects of static electricity.

  • Features and properties:

The anti-static plastic sheets prevent and eliminate the risk of static discharge which can destroy your equipment or goods and can also result in a bigger damage. For prevention/elimination of static discharge, fillers or additives are commonly used as they improve the conductivity of plastics.

However, using this idea is not the safest solution because it too has some disadvantages, it mainly affects and reduces the material’s strength and effectiveness. Moreover, making the conductivity of plastics improve to attain its specific function is a time-consuming project apart from being volatile and challenging.

Below are some properties of anti-static plastics.

  1. Electrostatic discharge:

The very first and most important feature of anti-static plastic is that it is static dissipative. Being Static dissipative means that the plastic has the ability to pass the static charge to the ground or any other conductive objects and this phenomenon is known as static dissipation. We all know that Plastics ate not dissipative naturally, that’s why fillers are used to make them dissipative.

Electrostatic dissipation can be extremely dangerous, harmful and hazardous. Not only it can start fires but can also cause explosions either small or big. It can also destroy electronic components and to a larger extent, can even erase magnetic media. This is the reason why plastics should be static dissipative. Static Dissipation is the solution to reduce the dangers and negative and harmful consequences of static dissipation.

  1. Surface Resistive:

Being Surface resistive is a feature of an anti-static plastic sheet. Surface resistivity performs a critical function which is why it must be established in every ESD coating for plastic. The surface resistivity feature of plastics determines the amount of static charge that can accumulate on the material.

If we talk about an excellent antistatic coating for plastic, its surface resistivity is now expected to be at least 106-108 ohm/square. Such an amount of resistivity is enough for dust management, charge bleeding, and even electrostatic painting on plastics. ESD polycarbonate sheet is also known as a popular material for 3D printing machines for rapid prototyping.


  1. Chemically Resistant:

An anti-static plastic object can come into contact with different chemicals at any point. These chemicals might affect negatively and out a negative impact on the other’s coating’s longevity. Because of this reason, corrosion can occur and cause the conducting layer to wear away which in turn will decrease the antistatic effectiveness of plastics gradually.

That is why a good ESD coating for plastic should be resistant to the effects of chemicals i.e. in order to retain its longevity.

  1. Scratch Resistant:

Since the final product of the plastic application is highly dependent on the surface hardness, that’s why the coating must get harden after it has been applied. And to be effective, this must happen quickly and efficiently.

In this case, for the coating to dry and harden effectively and quickly, a rough surface can help. It’ll tend to reduce the likelihood of scratching, which will, in turn, affect the coating’s antistatic properties. Scratch resistance properties are one of the strongest features that help in gaining a long-term static control solution.

  1. Humidity Resistance:

The ideal situation of an ESD polycarbonate sheet is it being humidity-independent and its static charge regulation. It is a critical feature because that not only helps to escape or prevent the hassles that maintain high humidity levels but it also assists in the prevention of potential damage that can be caused by high humidity.

  1. Flame-Resistant:

Like a normal Polycarbonate sheet, an anti-static polycarbonate sheet is also flame-resistant, which adds to the component’s defense if there is an event of a fire.

  1. Impact Resistance:

Along with all the other features, the Anti-static polycarbonate sheet also improves the material’s and application’s overall durability. They also harden the surface which lowers the risk of the sheet getting damaged. Moreover, the exceptional shatter resistance property of Anti-Static plastic is supported by excellent impact resistance, which is ideal for protection.

  1. Clarity:

Transparency is also an important aspect of this material. Naturally, it allows for the propagation of optimal light, which is necessary for applications that require high visibility. As a result, this property of anti-static plastics is very important since it helps in the reduction of apparent distortion.

If you need any other information regarding Anti-static plastics or polycarbonate sheets or if you want to learn about other different varieties of polycarbonate sheets that can be used in construction or any other work, head over to our website YiPlastics.com and contact us now. Our highly efficient staff is always available to help you out using their expertise and solve your queries.



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