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Polycarbonate sheets are taking every industry under their influence now. They are proven to be the best building material of the modern era. They are better than other traditional building materials in many applications. They have many different types available which make them suitable for almost every aspect of construction and building applications. They are long-lasting, low maintenance, durable and very strong. Let’s take a look at some main properties of polycarbonate sheets which prove that they are far better than other traditional materials.


  • Comparison of Properties of polycarbonate sheets and plastic sheets:
Polycarbonate sheets Plastic sheets
They provide up to 89% light diffusion They provide only 80% light diffusion
Outstanding impact resistance Average impact resistance
High weather resistance Low weather resistance
Polycarbonate sheets offer temperature resistance up to 120 degrees Celsius Plastic sheets offer temperature resistance only below 100 degrees Celsius.
They are self-extinguishing They are flammable
Unbreakable Breakable
Scratch and UV protected No scratch and UV protection


These properties prove the polycarbonate sheets to be actually the best as compared to other plastics. They also are low maintenance and come with a long warranty. Now let’s take a look at some of the many types of polycarbonate sheets.

  • Types of polycarbonate sheets:

Some of the types of polycarbonate sheets are described below:

  1. Solid polycarbonate sheets:

Solid polycarbonate sheets are extremely weather resistant. They can withstand extremely hot and extremely cold weather whether it be rain, sun, hail storms, extremely windy conditions or snow, they can survive. They are strong, durable and light-weighted. They are transparent and have great thermal and chemical resistance. They don’t need heavy machinery and extra labor, they are easy to drill and cut. They are also available in different textures for different applications.

  1. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets:

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets also give amazing suppleness, strength and light conduction. High-quality polycarbonate resins are used in their manufacturing. They also possess the properties of great impact resistance, durability and light-weight. They are flame retardant and weather-resistant. Polycarbonate Sheets are also a better substitute for regular glass.


                                                     Why are polycarbonate sheets better then glass?

Polycarbonate sheets have replaced the traditional varnishing materials. They are non-toxic, unbreakable and easily installable. They are pocket friendly and also reduce the cost of construction. They also reduce the cost of transportation because of their lightweight, whereas glass is easily breakable, heavy and costly to use and transport. Some of the other properties of polycarbonate sheets that make them better then glass are given below:

  1. UV protection:

UV radiations from the sun cause damage to other polymeric materials, such as chipping, yellowing, fragility and wilting. It cracks the surface of material and water, dust and wind penetrate and cause more damage to it. On the other hand, polycarbonate sheets have a protective anti-UV coating which gives the best UV and weather protection.

  1. Curved varnishing:

All the polycarbonate sheets are manufactured in a structure that can support curved glazing shapes. The bending does not affect the shape and design of the polycarbonate series. This is nearly impossible in the case of glass

  1. Long-lasting warranty:

Polycarbonate sheet comes with a very long manufacturer’s warranty of 10-15 years because of their amazing properties and strength. Whereas glass does not come with any such warranty.  That’s why they are replacing glass almost everywhere.

  1. Impact Resistance:

Polycarbonate sheets are practically unbreakable. That’s why they possess a greater benefit over the glass, which is weak and can break easily. This also reduces the risk of injury as glass is weak and can shatter and cause injury easily. This property of polycarbonate sheets protects against theft, robbery, break-ins and burglaries.

  1. Heat Resistance:

Polycarbonate sheets are highly heat resistant. They can survive in extreme temperatures. They are only flammable after 630 degrees Celsius of temperature and self-extinguishing. So they do not possess any fire hazards. Traditional glass cannot tolerate high temperatures. They absorb heat and can break in high temperatures.

  1. Life:

Polycarbonate sheets are strong, flame retardant and have a long life. On the other hand, glass is weak and breakable, therefore, it needs to be changed more often. It increases the building and maintenance cost while polycarbonate sheets are long-lasting and pocket friendly.

  1. Better Insulation:

Greenhouse made from polycarbonate sheets

Ordinary glass has very poor insulation quality whereas polycarbonate sheets are excellent insulators. Their thermal resistance is outstanding that’s why they are an ideal material for greenhouses because glass can let cold temperatures in and cause harm to the plants. They also reduce the carbon footprints and help to save the environment.

  1. Light transmission and anti-UV properties:

Polycarbonate sheets have a brilliant tendency for light diffusion. They let the soft light in whereas glass let the blinding amount of light in. this is also a very important property considered in the construction of greenhouses. Polycarbonate sheets help the plant to grow in a more suitable environment whereas the glass can cause burning or cold death of plants because of the poor light diffusion.

  1. Installation:

Polycarbonate sheets are approximately 6 times lighter than normal glass. That’s why they are easily installed and do not need any heavy machinery or extra care. Whereas glass is fragile and needs extra care and heavy building materials to handle and install. Glass usually needs special saws or cutting tools while polycarbonate sheets can be easily cut by regular saws or tools. This removes any sizing error because of the perfect cutting ability of polycarbonate sheets as compared to glass.

  1. Transport:

The polycarbonate sheets are very lightweight and can be transported very easily by ordinary transport means. The glass is fragile, that is why they need extra care and handling to avoid any breakage or damage.

Those were some of the characteristics of the polycarbonate sheets that make them superior to the other traditional building material. If you want to buy the ideal polycarbonate sheets for yourself, head on to our website www.yiplastic.com and book your appointment now.






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