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Polycarbonates can be used in many everyday applications. They are very popular as interior and exterior designs. Pergolas are one of them. They make the seamless outdoor open living space straight out of your dreams and imaginations and also at a low cost.

Pergola is a Latin origin word meaning a bulging eave. A pergola is an exterior design of a garden or lawn. It can also be used in other open places. It is basically a shaded pathway, passageway or a place for people to sit and relax. It is made of vertical pillars creating a very strong framework. Usually, the pergola does not come with seating arrangements, but it’s a choice. It provides shade and aesthetics.

Pergolas present in the building connect the main building to the external features of the building such as a garden, lawn, swimming pool the open areas. The unconnected pergolas also provide an area to sit and relax. They give a shade from the sun and rain.

Pergolas also contribute as an organization for plants to climb and spread. It gives an even darker shade and a very aesthetically pleasing view. Pergolas have great architectural features even in history.

Pergola building designs:
pergolas have many designs and manufacturing materials. Most modern pergolas are me of

  • Polycarbonate sheets
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride or CPVC
  • Vinyl

They are cheaper than the pillars and designs made of stone and bricks. They are getting more popular every passing day because they are light weighted and cost-effective.

The wood-made pergolas are made of water-resistant and weather-resistant woods. They are then designed with patterns and colors of the client’s choice. All the other materials such as fiberglass and vinyl are low-cost alternatives and are used as commonly as wooden pergolas. They don’t need as quick paint jobs or maintenance as wooden ones and some of them are even sturdier than the wooden pergolas.


Advantages of pergola:

Having a pergola has so many benefits. They add value to your building. Leys take a look at all the advantages a pergola can give:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing:

Pergolas can be used as a shade in every weather. The pillars provide support for the shaded area. It gives relief of shade in hot summers and warmth of soft sunlight in cold winters. They are aesthetically pleasing because they provide structure for trees and plants to grow and speed on them. They can also be decorated manually by choosing patterns and design before purchasing. There are many decorations also available for the support beams and pillars. Do it yourself or DIY to make pergola the prettiest of them all or let the nature do this. Either way, it is a treat to the eyes.

  1. Distinct Open Space:

Pergola provides you greater open-air space than normal shades it gives you the option of dining outdoors entertainment relaxation And much more often the pergolas can be designed with a floor or a deck to make an isolated space with sectioning and curtains it will look like a very cute and outdoor small treehouse

  1. Strong attachments:

Pergolas connect the main building to many other structures such as interior buildings to patios, lawns, roofs or gardens etc. Pergolas can only be attached to the main building or with manny connecting structures to make it a whole

  1. Protection from every kind of weather:

Pergolas provide the weather-resistance from every kind of weather. They offer protection from the sunlight, rain, wind, extremely cold and hot weather and hail storms.  It is one of the main advantages of the pergola and the main reason for people to choose it.


  1. The building of your choice:

Along with many other advantages of using pergolas in your buildings, you can adjust the amount of shade you want so that the sunlight and shade are balanced equally. The experts can help you design the structure, angle, design and formation of the Pergola to make a perfect and balanced light and shade ratio. You can also design it yourself according to your requirements.


  1. Privacy and isolation:

Pergolas can be used to make a perfectly isolated and private portion. They can make a perfect small space to protect your privacy. It can cover the open edges and you can decide which part of your open space you want to be covered or not.

  1. Hide unwanted views:

It can also use to hide the potentially not pretty or damaged display of your building such as the dead trees or the bad paint job of neighbors’ walls or your wilted shading. The pergola can make anything look beautiful and hide the not so good looking structures of your building

  1. Easy installation:

Pergolas are fairly very easy to install. The professionals can give you a legitimately quick job in installing your ready-made pergola. However, if you want to increase the beauty and shading in your building without spending a fortune you can also install a pergola using some instructions and guide manual from the experts and the company. The cherry on top is that the aluminum-made pergolas will not need any maintenance for a long time.


  1. Plants and pergolas:

Pergolas not only just have beautiful designs, patterns and colors but they also give care to nature. They help bushes, vines, flowers, trees and plants to grow and banquet on them. The pillars and the shading sheet will help the plant to extend and be alive.

  1. Adding value to your home:

Pergolas can play a very big part in adding value to your home. It is a very wise decision to invest in them. It makes a huge difference. It gives an aesthetic touch to your building. The pictures will look good on the market and everyone searching for homes will instantly be attracted to the beauty of your house.

With all these enormous advantages of the pergola, you sure not want to miss your chance of having them for your home too. Just head on to our website www.yiplastic.com and book your appointment now to have the experience of your life.






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