Do’s and Don’ts to follow for cleaning Polycarbonate sheets

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Do’s and Don’ts to follow for cleaning Polycarbonate sheets


Polycarbonate sheets are transparent and low weight and because of these specific properties of polycarbonate sheets and panels, they are used widely for patio roofs and other purposes.

As we all know Polycarbonate roofing sheets are very low maintenance and easy to carry and easy fit in, but like everything else, they also need to be cleaned although not regularly but one must clean them occasionally. While cleaning the sheets and panels, there are some important things that you should keep in your mind to prevent and protect the sheets from the damage that can happen to the sheets and panels. Also, keep in mind that polycarbonate sheets are highly sensitive to scratches which means that they must be cleaned with care to protect them from scratches.

Following are some Dos and Don’ts that you should be doing and avoiding while cleaning or planning to clean the polycarbonate sheets.

  • DO # 1: Use a gentle detergent

While cleaning your polycarbonate sheets use a good and gentle detergent with slightly warm water. This is the best practice for cleaning polycarbonate sheets. Just use a few drops of your detergent and warm water, then clean the sheet using a microfiber cloth (soft and delicate cloth). For convenience, put plenty of warm water in your bucket. In this way, you can rinse the cloth frequently and efficiently as the water and bucket will be near you. Cleaning your sheets using this method will prevent damage to your sheet that can be done by dirt and dust particles and scratching the sheet. Moreover, use a Burnus antistatic cleaner for cleaning your panels as this specific cleaner prevents static charges that can attract dirt particles. Which in turn will build upon the sheets. Using this cleaner will prevent this from happening.

  • DO # 2: Use soft materials to clean polycarbonate

While cleaning your polycarbonate sheets, keep in mind to use a soft and gentle cloth like a microfiber cloth. This will prevent scratching and won’t allow the dirt to build up. For additional safety, Rinse out the cloth frequently.

  • DO # 3: Clean polycarbonate regularly

Depending on what purpose your polycarbonate sheets serve, clean them regularly. For example, if the roof of your building is made of polycarbonate sheet i.e. polycarbonate roof, then clean it one or two times a year. Also, keep a check on the roof and other sheets and if you notice any black, green, or other dark deposits appearing, clean the panels as soon as possible if you don’t, then the material may become stained because of the deposit.

  • DON’T # 1: Use harsh chemicals to clean polycarbonate

Although it is good and necessary to clean your polycarbonate sheets but check the Chemical cleaning agents before cleaning your sheets and don’t use chemicals such as white spirits and Glassex. These are not only harsh chemicals but also won’t dissolve and clean the dust particles instead the surface of the sheets will become scratched because of the dust particles. Apart from these, never use thinners, benzene or ace, tone. These are not harsh like the above-said chemicals but they’ll do. The opposite of what harsh chemicals do to the sheets, i.e. they will soften the material and will leave a permanent haze on the surface.

  • DON’T # 2: Use a pressure washer or scouring pads

Using a pressure washer sounds very easy and convenient and you might be tempted to use one, but don’t go after your wishes because the blast of high-pressure water will damage the surface of your polycarbonate sheets. You can use a normal garden hose to clean the dirt and debris off the sheet. Moreover, avoid using scouring pads on sheets as the sheets are delicate and the scouring pads will leave scratches on them.

  • DON’T # 3: Clean polycarbonate when it’s raining

This one is pretty obvious. Check the weather before you are cleaning or planning to clean your sheets and panels. The main reason behind this is that the panels should be completely dry before being treated with Burnus anti-static cleaner, which is a cleaning agent. This prevents the sheets from immediately attracting more dirt and hence remain clean for a long time. Some other important points that will prevent damage to your polycarbonate sheets and help them live long are written next.

The main cause of unnecessary damage to polycarbonate sheets is because of the use of improper cleaners and/or improper cleaning techniques that up in scratching the sheets and damaging them. You can completely avoid this and protect your polycarbonate panels with just a little bit of knowledge, care, and some safety techniques.

Some obvious things that you need to know are what kind of chemicals or detergents should you use and what kinds you should not.

Following are some key points to keep in mind before cleaning your polycarbonate sheets.

  1. While choosing a detergent or cleaning agent for cleaning your polycarbonate sheets, thoroughly read all the ingredients of the agent you are using to clean your polycarbonate sheets, and never use the one which contains “ammonia” in it. Ammonia will not only damage your polycarbonate but also tarnish the look of your sheet.
  2. 2. Second main thing that one should remember is not to use normal and popular household cleaners and detergents for example Windex or 409 as they will also cause damage to polycarbonate sheets. Use specified cleaners for your sheets for their long and scratch/damage life.
  3. 3. It is also a key point to never use a dry cloth, or your hand to wipe clean a piece of polycarbonate. Like yourself, polycarbonate sheets also need some care. When you use a dry cloth to clean your polycarbonate sheets and rub them on them, the dirt and dust particles on the dry cloth will scratch the sheets which will in turn cause damage to them. Just like car washes use damp towels instead of dry ones to avoid scratching the cars while drying them. Similarly, use a soft, delicate, and wet cloth or sponge for cleaning your polycarbonate sheets.
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