13+ reasons why should you invest in Polycarbonate?

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13+ reasons why should you invest in Polycarbonate?


Polycarbonate sheets are hard transparent or opaque sheet plastic that captivates slight moisture and repels chemicals that can be harmful. Polycarbonate sheets are not only fire-resistant but are also damage retardant which means that they can be of longer use. They can be used to design homes, offices, furniture, indoors, outdoors, exteriors, Interiors, roofs, greenhouses, and whatnot. They not only are quite lightweight compared to other materials but also give aesthetics to your buildings and furniture. Polycarbonate sheets are multitasking and they save a lot of time and effort. If put it simply, they serve many purposes in our daily lives.

As we already do know that Polycarbonate sheets are useful as well as aesthetically pleasing. But the profits of them are far beyond their visual appeal. There are a number of reasons why the world is shifting its applications to the use of polycarbonate sheets. Some of the properties are given below:

  • Strength:

It is now proven that Polycarbonate sheets are approximately 250 times more sturdier than glass and are practically un-damageable and safe to use and apply. Due to this reason, they are the ideal choice one can go for weather resistance, airborne fragments, or destruction. They are extremely protective.

  • Light diffusion:

Polycarbonate sheets have comparable to glass light transmission properties. Therefore it has a lead over glass because it visually utilizes the identical way but is considerably lighter and sturdier. It is proving to be better than glass.

  • Easy molding, cutting and designing:

Polycarbonate sheets are usually traded as solid or multiwall sheets in different and customizable sizes and widths such as from 4mm to 32 mm. they can be easily cut with simple tools. They can also be easily molded and shaped or bent at room temperature.

  • Thermal isolation:

The solid and multiwall polycarbonate sheets offer some amount of thermal insulation. Although multiwall sheets are skilled of a higher degree of thermal insulation than solid polycarbonate sheets for the reason of their inner structure. These structures contain 2, 3 and 4 walls, X structure and honeycomb etc. they all have their own properties and mechanisms of installation.

  • Colors:

The polycarbonate sheets are accessible in at least 12 diverse colors. So everyone can choose a color according to their design and choice. The colors are aesthetically pleasing and give everything a new look and structure.


  • Lightweight:

They weigh approximately half the ordinary glass and are 200 times stronger than it. It lowers the shipping expenses, is at an ease to move and store, and easy substantial management. They can be handled and used easily anywhere.

  • Easy installation:

The polycarbonate sheets can be fitted straight to a border or backing structure and associated hardware is aimed for rapid and modest mounting and assembly. They can be easily installed by watching video tutorials or the setup manuals that come with the purchase from the company.

  • UV protection:

A high-quality polycarbonate sheet comprises of a UV covering on one or both sides. The anti-UV layer guards the sheet against staining or fading in the nonstop sunshine. They also protect your plants if you are using them as a greenhouse.

  • Warranty:

The Polycarbonate sheets come with up to 15 years of warranty for defense depending upon the type of product. These warranties are trustworthy. It gives you a surety of a durable product and a good spend of your money.

  • Recycling:

The polycarbonate sheets are recyclable over and over again. Manufacturers also offer you to buy the polycarbonate sheets back or get them recycled at the company. They can also help to brawl material that residues after cutting and trimming.

They were mainly used for greenhouses only before becoming a very big and growing need for every industry. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of polycarbonate sheets as greenhouses.

They are the best greenhouse material and reports prove that they give approximately 60% improved thermal isolation as compared to normal greenhouse materials and sheets. Gives approximately 60% improved thermal isolation than the ordinary greenhouse glass. Moreover, Polycarbonate sheets are durable and they can be used for a long period of time without being damaged or scratched if one keep good care of them.

Some other things or properties that make polycarbonate sheets stand alone are that they are fire-resistant, they won’t catch fire and won’t get melted when the temperature is too high to bear. Also compared to glass, PC sheets have an anti UV coating that protects you, your house and your furniture from those harmful rays. Polycarbonate sheets being eco-friendly and nontoxic will also give protection to you and your environment and their IR protective layers will help you to be safe and reduce global warming.

Since you know that PC sheets are cost-friendly i.e they don’t cost a fortune to buy and apply, which gives them a plus point along with all the other benefits, one of them being easily mold-able. This means that they can be molded or bent into different shapes and angles according to your will and the building’s /furniture’s needs and they won’t break or become damaged. You can design and then redesign them in the future which means that they give you versatility and choice. Polycarbonate sheets are custom made according to your requirements and since they are light in weight when compared to any other wooden or glass materials so their application process is quite easy and efficient comparatively as they are easy to carry the sheets around and put them at their place. Moreover, they can be styled in different colors and patterns to give soothing vibes. This makes Polycarbonate sheets an easy substitute for woody material as PC sheets can be colored as such to look like wood.

Polycarbonate sheets are of great use if you are in a hurry as they only need one to two days to build something and the plus point is that you don’t have to be a professional to apply them, you can do it by yourself unlike glass greenhouse or woody materials that not only take time in applying, needs a professional and there is also a risk of damaging, breaking or staining the material while applying.

The value of Polycarbonate sheets is increasing day by day and it is not only because of them being cost-friendly, eco-friendly, easy appliance, low maintenance, UV and IR protection, and damage resistance but also because of their recycling properties. PC sheets can be recycled which helps in the prevention of global warming and other harmful effects on earth.

Polycarbonate sheets which can also be called as “new and improved modular greenhouses” because of their properties comes in all kinds of customizable designs, shapes, sizes, lengths, widths, and colors whether modern or classic that will increase the beauty of your place. These sheets are shattering, wind, water, weather, fire and damage resistant and can hold extreme pressures, rocks, or ball throwing and are easily replaceable. All in all, polycarbonate sheets and substances are a great choice. You should invest in these because they really are the future!

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