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FOSHAN YIPLASTIC Material Technology Co. Ltd

FOSHAN YIPLASTIC Material Technology Co. Ltd

Company Details:

Foshan YIPLASTIC Material Technology Co. Ltd is a benchmark manufacturer in engineering polycarbonate sheets. Founded and set up a marketing and storage center in 2004 at China, Fujian city, Guangdong province.

Industry Experience:

YIPLASTIC soon expanded its reach to become a one-stop operational resource that covers 44022 Square meter and 12000 Sqm. anti-static, dust free, super level room for production (Fujian and Foshan City). Our Company soon took over the market of 5 cities, which includes Italy (Breyer), Germany (Omipa) and Japan (Hitz) too.

Product Range:

At YIPLASTIC, We Manufacture polycarbonate sheets with an experience of 20 years in plastic field, all PC products have been approved with SGS, CE and ROHS Certification. These products are exported to many countries with an aim to extend its advantages in such a way that it help customers in easy application of polycarbonate sheets. Our Company is available to show you our product range and guide you in the choice of the products that fits best your needs. Following are our Current Product Range

  • Solid Polycarbonate sheets
  • Multi-wall Polycarbonate sheets
  • Congrutted polycarbonate sheets
  • Polycarbonate sheets awning
  • Integrated Polycarbonate sheets solution from raw materials extrusion production to finished products.
  • Complete range of polycarbonate sheets supply service from design to wide application area guide like Green house, aluminum PC carport canopy, PC awning, PC bubble room, cover roof , pergola ,covering roof
  • Technical services for installation of Polycarbonate sheets application.

YIPLASTIC also helps clients in designing and complete application of their customized polycarbonate sheets and find solutions for the raw materials.

Product Application:

These beautiful, generous, easy to install and anti-corrosion Polycarbonate sheets offers a wide range of applications. Some of it being

  • Light roof of stadiums and railway stations, airports, balconies, harbors and rest halls etc.
  • Airport and building’s canopy for protection from light, wind and rain
  • Indoor partitions, Building decoration and Windows
  • Protective covering
  • Electric car windbreak
  • Highway sound barrier,pergola, gazebo ,covering roof
  • Green Houses for gardening, agriculture, aquaculture and floriculture
  • Advertising signs, highway and Noise barriers for urban elevated roads

Why Us?


YIPLASTIC is an ISO certified top leading manufacturer of Polycarbonate Sheets in China. Our imported production line includes excellent products starting from Raw materials to Equipment lines.

Our Company has one production line of Omipa, a Plastic fabrication company in Italy which has more than 40 years of experience in research and developing PC hollow boards and Co-Extrusion lines. Its patented calibration system, UV protection and energy saving equipment have brought a range of new structures for constructions, agriculture and home furnishing etc. This production line can produce multi layered sheets of various specifications like having 4-40mm of thickness, Twin wall PC sheets, four wall PC sheets, X-Structure PC sheets etc.

The Company also has 2 German Bayer solid board production lines which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extrusion lines. It has been manufacturing high precision extrusion lines for plastic processing industries since its founding which is more than 60 years ago. Our company produces PC sheets like optical grade transparent sheets, functional sheets and laminated transparent sheets PC solid boards (1.2-8.0mm thickness) with a wide range of specifications and functions.

Having production lines in HITZ(Hitachi Zosen), that produces plastic parts used in LCDs, TVs, Mobile phones i.e. products having high optical characteristics helps us in production of solar panel sheets, food packaging, construction materials, household appliances achieving property of low residual stress, surface smoothness, transparency with maximum thickness(0.8-3.0mm).

Our company’s main focus is always on quality production and customer’s satisfaction. Our mission as a company is to make the world a little more beautiful and comfortable without polluting and damaging it. Our company guarantees you that you won’t be disappointed working with us.

Address: East Industrial Park, Xincun Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

Phone: +86-13709666730

Email: Info @Yipteh.com

Website: www.Yiplastic.com

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