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Compact polycarbonate sheets or solid polycarbonate sheets are sturdy smart synthetic resins synthesized into a solid structure to be used in many applications. They are the best insulators. They come in many styles e.g. glazed, frosted, embossed etc. YIPOLASTICS is the top manufacturer of compact polycarbonate sheets in China. They are in great demand in many industries because of their outstanding qualities. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • Ultraviolet rays protection
  • Customizable
  • Long-lasting warranty
  • Impact resistance
  • Thermal resistance
  • Energy saver
  • Best light conductor
  • Recyclable
  • Easy machining, thermoforming and prototyping
  • Unbreakable
  • Weather resistant
  • Flame resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Eco-friendly

These properties are the dream characteristics of engineers and architects to manufacture products for different industries. That is why polycarbonate sheets are taking over all the typical building materials very quickly and becoming the new normal.

Compact polycarbonate sheets are the number one choice in many applications because of their brilliant properties discussed above. Now let’s discuss the applications in which they are widely being used in.


  1. Architecture:

Architecture is one of the biggest industries to us the polycarbonate sheets. The compact or solid polycarbonate sheets are widely used in architectural designs and models. They even have a historical value. They add color and beauty to the exterior and interior of the buildings.

  1. Greenhouses:

Greenhouses are also one of the very first applications of compact polycarbonate sheets. They are UV-protectant, thermal resistant and light conductors. They are the ideal material to use for greenhouses.

  1. Skylights:

All the skylights are manufactured by using compact polycarbonate sheets in the modern era. They look spectacular and the machining is rapid.


  1. Sound proof barriers:

Compact polycarbonate sheets are the best sound-proofing material. They are used in offices, houses and many industries to act as a soundproof barrier for privacy, confidentiality and peace.

  1. Sign-boards and advertisements:

Compact polycarbonate sheets are used to manufacture all the sign boards for advertisements, directions and much more. They are also used with LED lights which are also the products of polycarbonate sheets. This makes them a great part of the media industry too.

  1. Shelters and shades:

Compact polycarbonate sheets are also used in making shelters, shades, canopies and gazebos because of their outstanding thermal resistance, weather resistance, durability and light transmission properties.

  1. Aircraft equipment:

Compact polycarbonate sheets are used in aircraft industries. They are used to make boards, windows, windshields and portable stables present in the airplanes. They have high performance and excellent vision clarity.

  1. Automobile equipment:

Many of the vehicles’ windshields, windows, dash boards and AC comaprt5ments are made of compact polycarbonate sheets. They are weather-resistant, thermal resistant, durable and self-extinguishing, hence the perfect material for parts of an automobile. They are 200 times stronger then glass.

  1. Safety goggles:

Compact polycarbonate sheets are used as eye protectants too. They are used to manufacture security goggles for labs and different industries. Due to their clear vision, UV- protection and thermal resistant properties, they are an ideal material for safety goggles.

  1. Lab and medical equipment:

Compact polycarbonate sheets are used in the laboratory and medical equipment too. They are the best substitute for plastic. It helps to reduce plastic weight from the planet earth as they are easily recyclable.

  1. Mobile phone covers:

Solid polycarbonate sheets are used to make mobile phone covers nowadays. In the ears of touch screens and fragile mobile phones and tablets, their security and protection are as necessary as their updates. Polycarbonate sheets being a durable and strong material is proved to be the best to make safety cases for mobile phones. They come in attention-grabbing designs and are customizable to every extent.


  1. Helmet:

Helmets are very necessary for head protection during bike riding, working or racing. Helmets are also used as head protection gear in many industries. Polycarbonate industries are their grand manufacturers.  They guarantee security and durability and time has proven them right in the best ways possible.

  1. Safety shields:

Police safety shields and safety gears are also produced by using compact polycarbonate sheets. They are lightweight and easy to carry. They are also 200 times stronger than glass and unbreakable. Their handling is easy and can be used very efficiently in the need of security and protection.

  1. Luggage and suitcases:

Of all the other applications of solid polycarbonate sheets, luggage has the most detailed characteristics discussed in this article. Luggage suitcases protect your belongings and help you to travel without any problem. Polycarbonate sheets luggage are the safest ones.

Let’s take a look at why.

  • Long-lasting health
  • Strong and durable material
  • No breakdowns
  • Protection for fragile stuff
  • High-quality travel luggage
  • Strength guarantee
  • Can withstand heavy weights
  • Scratch resistant
  • Smart
  • Lightweight
  • Fashionable
  • Available in many colors, designs, styles and patterns
  • One luggage for many years
  • Flexible
  • A bit expensive but worth it
  • Better than hard, soft shell and BS luggage
  • Damage proof
  • Impact resistant

All in all, compact polycarbonate luggage is the best when it comes to durability and strength. They are the top choice for frequent travelers. They are a lifetime investment.


  1. Others:

Other than all of the above listed used, compact polycarbonate sheets are being used in many more industries. They are becoming the epitome of every product. They are on the verge of completely removing plastic. They are ecofriendly and easily recyclable which also contributes to reducing the harms caused by plastics.

These benefits and applications of compact polycarbonate sheets are very appealing and beneficial at the same time. YIPLASTICS is here to take you on a tour to check and choose from all the types of polycarbonate sheets. We have every kind of compact polycarbonate sheet available and customizable in every color, dimension, size, design, pattern and style. Book your appointment now at www.yiplastic.com and choose the best kind of lifestyle you can. Our special team of assistants is always there to guide and assist you.  Select your demo now and get ready to have the best experience of your life!


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