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Polycarbonate sheets have numerous types. They are available for many kinds of building and construction. There are two basic types of polycarbonate sheet that emerges into countless branches. They are solid or compact polycarbonate sheets and hollow or multi-wall polycarbonate sheets. Compact polycarbonate sheets are used in many applications nowadays. They are very strong and they have excellent thermal and chemical resistance. They are replacing many traditional building materials. They can be used from roofs of houses, awnings, and frames to the simpler everyday applications like helmets, shields and protective gear etc. The list goes on and on. The polycarbonate sheets can be customized in your desired lengths, shapes, size, design, style and colors according to your need. They are very easy to install and do not require any heavy machinery or complex instructions. With the proper instructions, anyone can easily install the polycarbonate sheets on their own without the help of any expert or professional. Now let’s talk about some of the characteristics of compact polycarbonate sheets.

  • Characteristics of compact polycarbonate sheets:

Polycarbonate sheets are replacing all the traditional building materials nowadays because of their outstanding characteristics some of them are mentioned below:

  1. They are very lightweight, they are approximately 200 times lighter than ordinary glass.
  2. They are very flexible and can be formed into any shape and design.
  3. They have excellent light diffusion and lets enough amount of sunlight in.
  4. They are very strong to make roofs and siding panels.
  5. They come with a special anti-UV coating to block all the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the Sun.
  6. They are flame retardant which means that they are not flammable and in case of fire they are self-extinguishing.
  7. They are resistant to any kind of chemicals and every kind of weather.
  8. They are available in many eye-catching designs, patterns, styles and textures et cetera
  • Different applications of compact polycarbonate sheets:

Polycarbonate sheets are now used everywhere they are present in building materials, structures, exterior and interior of offices and homes etc. Their initial application was the greenhouses, carports, awnings and roofing. Nowadays they are used in almost every construction. They can be used as shelters and shading, which gives protection from rain and sunlight. They can be used as partitions or sections to divide the room into different sections and isolated enclosed rooms. They are also soundproof. They are used to make soundproof panels to stop the sound going outside.

They are very good insulators. They can insulate sound and electricity perfectly. Compact polycarbonate sheets have many other purposes outside of the buildings. They are now used in many types of equipment and tools such as optical tools and medical equipment, CDs and DVDs, helmets, protective shields, motorcycle shields etc. Some of the many daily life example of applications are enlisted below.

  • Everyday application of compact polycarbonate sheets:

Compact polycarbonate sheets are nowadays being used in almost everything we use in our daily life. They are strong, durable and low cost. They also have a long life span that why they are preferred. Some of the everyday application of compact polycarbonate sheets are as follow:

  • Medical equipment such as surgery equipment, medical tools, cameras and lenses etc.
  • Safety goggles for laboratories and industries where eye protection is required
  • Safety for face and head such as shields and protective helmets etc.
  • All the computer discs including hard disks, CD, DVD and floppies etc.
  • Decorative and constructive panels for kitchens, bathrooms and cubicles.
  • Protected, bullet and bomb-proof automobiles
  • Different bullet-resistant booths and panels.
  • Luggage and suitcases.
  • Mobile phones, computers and laptops etc.
  • Windscreen and side glass panels in automobiles.
  • Safety glass in motorcycles.


These are some of the countless applications where compact polycarbonate sheets are being used. Let’s take a brief look at their industries.

  1. Medical Industries:

They have a very important place in medical industry. They are used to manufacture the machinery cases, different kinds of lenses, cameras and almost every kind of medical equipment where polycarbonates are needed. They are used in the lighting tools and digital appliances such as monitors, printers, ultrasound machines and MRI machines. Apart from these big industrial equipment, they also have a part in small pieces of equipment such as injections, syringes, IVs, and much more. They basically have replaced plastic in the medical industry.


  1. Daily life products:

Most of our daily life products are manufactured by using compact polycarbonate sheets. Even some of them are so minor that we don’t even have realized that the plastic product is replaced by polycarbonate products. The biggest examples are our suitcases, frames of bikes and cars, helmets, safety goggles, LED lights, bottles, protective and safety gear, mobile phone covers and automobile shields etc. They are lightweight and stronger than plastic and a better substitute for them.


  1. Construction Industries:

Polycarbonate sheets have taken over construction and building industries very quickly. Polycarbonates have their fair share of benefits over glass, plastic and other traditional building materials. They7 also come in different, shapes, sizes, patterns, styles, designs and colors which are customizable and prove to be a much bigger choice than glass or other building materials. They are chemical, temperature, UV and impact resistant. They are practically unbreakable. They have a longer lifespan compared to other building materials. They are used in canopies, pergolas, sunrooms, patio covers and exteriors and interiors of buildings.


  1. Technology:

Polycarbonate sheets are also appreciated in the technological advanced because they are cost-effective and environment friendly. They do not have harmful effects like plastic. They actually help to lessen the carbon emissions or carbon footprints. There are many applications of polycarbonate sheets in aspects of technology such as mobile phones, computers, satellites, media equipment, medical tools, automobiles and high-tech gadgets, etc.


Those were some of the unlimited applications and advantages of compact polycarbonate sheets. If you want to have them for yourself, which you should because of their countless benefits, book an appointment with us now.



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