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A solid polycarbonate sheet is only a solid layer, whereas a hollow sheet has multiple layers. They are better than the solid sheet in aspects of thermal insulation and barriers.

The hollow polycarbonate sheets are a pocket-friendly substitute for solid polycarbonate sheets. They give comparable features and advantages. They have greater light diffusion and thermal protection. These properties make them cost-effective because the light need becomes lesser in the case of hollow polycarbonate sheets.


  • Great Impact Resistance

The high-impact resistance makes it a favorite for engineers and architects to work on. They are very flexible and in turn, they have very high impact resistance which makes them ideal to work with.

  • Fire retardant:

The hollow polycarbonate sheets are fire-resistant and flame retardant also. They can only catch fire at a temperature above six 630°C which makes them a very good quality of polycarbonate sheets. They are also firing retardants which means they can self-extinguish the fire. It concludes that even if the temperature is 630°C or more the fire will not spread.

  • Weight:

The hollow polycarbonate panels are very light weighted. They are eight times lighter than the normal glass but have the same width as it. They do not require heavy external structures to support them, they support themselves. That is why they are cost-effective and do not need heavy machinery and labor.

  • Weather resistance:

The hollow polycarbonate sheets are weather resistant. They can resist every kind of weather even if it is extremely cold or hot. That’s why they are used in both interior and exterior of the building. They do not change themselves with the changes in environmental conditions.

  • Easy to install:

The hollow polycarbonate sheets are fairly very easy to install as compared to the traditional building materials. They can be bent into different shapes and used according to the requirements.

  • Light conduction:

The hollow polycarbonate sheets have an outstanding ability for light transmission. These panels are available in a customizable variety. The light transmission depends upon the width and thickness or size of polycarbonate sheets


Solid polycarbonate sheets weigh more than hollow polycarbonate sheets. They are mostly used in agricultural greenhouses. They have all the characteristics of the perfect greenhouse. The properties include light conduction, impact resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, fire protection and flame retardant properties etc. They are now the most used greenhouse material in the whole wide world. Along with the perfect greenhouse material, they are used in many other things. They are taking over many industries very quickly some of them are mentioned below.

  • Greenhouses:

Agricultural greenhouses are said to be one of the first use of hollow polycarbonate sheets. The hollow polycarbonate sheets are now available in many varieties, twin walls, three walls, four walls, multi-wall and even honeycomb structures. They are used for different conditions, each has its own specific properties and is ideal for its suited environment conditions. Their thickness varies from 6 mm to 20 mm.


  • Canopies:

Canopies are basically a structure suspended over a space to give shade or roof. It is a protective covering or shade. They also need light transmissions. Hollow polycarbonate sheets have an outstanding diffusion of light.

They are ideal for carport canopies because of their resilient impact resistance, durability, eye-catching colors, light diffusion, environment-friendly nature, long-lasting warranty and many more characteristics. The hollow polycarbonate sheet used as the canopies usually has a thickness of 6mm – 12mm.


  • Architectural lights:

Big buildings construct and use static lighting belts to make a bright and appealing interior environment. The light pulls attention to the patterns, colors, and designs of a building. It is basically the true purpose of architecture. Lighting enhances our vision to visualize and appreciate the beautiful architecture. The hollow polycarbonate sheets are used as these lightning belts in gyms, halls, theatres and buildings with large spaces etc. Their cost is fairly high. The complex structure of hollow polycarbonate sheets such as all the multi-wall and honeycomb polycarbonate sheets are mostly used. The most common thickness is usually more than 15 mm.


  • Telephone booths and Garage entrances etc:

Telephone booths are very small rooms or enclosed constructions having a public telephone in them to be used by people. They are enclosed because of privacy. They mostly only have space for one person. They are made of hollow polycarbonate sheets. They can be transparent and colored as well. The entrances of garages are also covered with hollow polycarbonate sheets. You may have seen underground garages in the huge buildings, they are very dark and needs light. The polycarbonate sheets are also used to provide a source of light as they have very good light conduction. Mostly the twin, four wall or honeycomb polycarbonate sheets are used with varying thicknesses of 8 mm to 15 mm.


  • Aesthetically pleasing:

Mostly to give a very visually pleasing effect on the interior and exterior of buildings, the hollow polycarbonate sheets with decorative features are used. They have different thicknesses, lengths, colors, designs and patterns etc. a crystal effect is a common feature. It gives a very blingy appearance to the interior and exterior. It will give the perfect finishing touch to the building of your dreams.

These all were some of the many applications of hollow polycarbonate sheets. With so many options, designs, styles and colors available, it is very difficult to choose the best hollow polycarbonate sheets. We have a solution to your problem. Now you can do all the brainstorming work in the comfort of your home with our special assistance. If you want to take benefit from the countless advantages of hollow polycarbonate sheets, book your appointment now at www.yiplastic.com. We have every kind of hollow polycarbonate sheet available with different colors, designs, patterns and styles. We also offer our special consultation. Take a look at our colors and design manual and choose what is best for you. We also customize our sheets in varying lengths, widths and every aspect to make them ideal for your space.



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