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Polycarbonate awnings are made from thermoplastic polymer panels known as Lexans. They can be opaque, clear or transparent. They are available in different colors. They have a great potential in designing modern windows and doors. They can also be designed in curve shapes.

Awnings are the hot topic today all for the very right reasons. They are legitimately used every housing and commercial location. They are outstanding to transform your plain and old exteriors and interiors into a modern and sleek zone.

These polycarbonate panels defend your household or industries from a selection of elements e.g. sunlight, rain, water, UV rays and heat etc. The cherry on top is that awnings come in a multiplicity of patterns, colors, styles and designs. These aspects make selecting the perfect awning for your site a very pleasant activity.

At YiPlastics we have a variety of polycarbonate awnings. We have awnings for your homes and office etc. You can get loads of styles and forms for both. There are every different kind of polycarbonate awnings available. Just head on to our website and book an appointment now to get your customized sheet.


Polycarbonate awnings have many advantages that are discussed below:

Advantages of polycarbonate awnings:

Polycarbonate awnings are becoming the face of new technology. They are weather resistant. They protect the exterior and interior of your buildings from sun, rain, hail storm and wind. They have helped to preserve the historical architectural work of many buildings without covering them.

Polycarbonate awnings make a very elegant and minimalist style statement for any building. They are very strong. They are durable to a great extent. They come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 to 15 years and work perfectly long after that too.

  • They have high impact resistance. The material is unbreakably strong because of this reason. They are every kind of weather-resistant.
  • It comes with ultraviolet rays protection. They block almost 99%of of harmful UV rays. They do not block the sunlight, only UV rays.
  • These UV protective properties also help the awning to prevent fading, damage, yellowing or chipping of the material. That is why it has a long life span.
  • They are highly resistant to extreme hot and cold weather.
  • They are fire protectants and fire retardants also. This means that they not only provide protection against fire but also help to stop the fire too.
  • They are very strong and also very lightweight. They are easy to carry, accommodate and install. The transportation and installation process does not need any heavy machinery and labor. They are very beneficial.
  • They are cost-effective too. They come at fairly cheap prices and have great advantages as compared to the price.

However, despite all the great advantages of polycarbonate awnings, they have a few disadvantages too, which are discussed below:

  • They can be scratched. You have to get a special scratch-free coating to make sure they are scratch-free and won’t get damaged over time.
  • Manufacturing processes can be slightly environmentally harming but with special measures, they can be made fully environment friendly.
  • The decoration and patterns and designs are not suitable for every kind of building

Those were some of the minor disadvantages of polycarbonate awning and many great benefits too.


With so many different materials available for roofing, getting the right one always gets difficult. No matter where you have to use that material e.g. in your home, in your office or in your industry etc. In this modern era of technology, polycarbonate sheets are the best option for your roofing. The corrugated polycarbonate sheets have many properties including strength, easy installation, lightweight and pocket-friendly budget. The Corrugated polycarbonate sheets are strong and long-lasting sheets that are manufactured by the polycarbonates. They are made in a form that is bent to make elevations and channels. This special type of building form its very sturdy structure in the smaller surfaces.

We have checked the pros and cons of polycarbonate awnings above now let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of corrugated polycarbonate sheets

Advantages of corrugated polycarbonate sheets:

They are very durable and very light in weight. But despite these properties, they have a very strong tolerance level. They do not bend and are practically unbreakable. They have very high impact resistance. The corrugated polycarbonate sheets are every kind of weather-resistant. They can withstand extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures along with hailstorms, wind, rain and sunlight. If your living area has extreme weather conditions, the corrugated polycarbonate sheets are the best roofing material for you indeed.

Easy installation is yet another advantage. They are very lightweight therefore no heavy labor or transportation is necessary to transfer them. They are not breakable that’s why early without worrying about fragility they can be very easily transported from one place to another in normal means of transportation. The cutting and Angular modifications are also very feasible and can be done with any regular equipment, no special tools are required

The corrugated polycarbonate roofing sheets come in many colors and designs. They give corrosion resistance and ultraviolet rays’ resistance. And as they are weather resistant they come with a long-lasting manufacturer’s warranty of 10 to 15 years. That’s why there is no danger of yellowing, fading or getting brittle. It is a very pocket-friendly decision. They are very easy to maintain because of their durability and resistance. This property also makes your roofing and the panels you have use in your windows and doors very easy to maintain. In case of any damage, only the damaged part is ought to be replaced instead of the whole panel.

Choose your favorite color and customized design of polycarbonate roofing panels from our website www.yiplastic.com now.

Disadvantages of corrugated polycarbonate sheets:

The only disadvantage can be the cost of corrugated polycarbonate sheets. They are although quite cheap but can become costly if you want to use them on a larger scale. They are, however, cheaper than the old and typical roofing material.





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